E-liquid FAQ
Q. What is Eliquid?

A. Eliquid is the solution used in an electronic cigarette to produce its vapour, flavour, and in some cases “throat hit” (Throat hit is a term used to describe the bite in your throat produced by nicotine eliquid vapour.)

Q. What Ingredients are in Eliquid?

A. Eliquid recipes vary from one company to the next however all contain the same types of ingredients.
Eliquid starts with a base, which is the part used to create the vapour produced. The base of an eliquid is made from a mixture of propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.
Water soluble, natural and artificial flavouring ingredients are added to the eliquid base to create the variety of flavours we offer.
Some eliquids may also contain small amounts of food grade alcohol, and or distilled water.

Q. What is Propylene Glycol?

A. Propylene Glycol is a food grade chemical used in a large number of applications as an additive in cosmetic, medicine, and food products.
Propylene glycol is used in many food products as a flavouring carrier. Propylene glycol is non toxic, and is also found in many food products including food colourings, flavourings, and snow cones.
Propylene glycol has a slight irritating effect when inhaled. This effect is used to better mimic the irritation caused by inhaling tobacco smoke.

Q. What is Vegetable Glycerin?

A. Vegetable Glycerin is similar to propylene glycol, although thicker, and with a sweeter taste. Vegetable glycerin is also much smoother when inhaled than propylene glycol.
When used on its own, Vegetable Glycerin is very thick, and often difficult to absorb into your cartridge, or cartomizer.

Q. Why Choose Flavour Crafters Premium Eliquids?

A. Flavour Crafters Premium Eliquids are created using our own custom mixture of vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol.
We use a custom blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in each of our premium eliquid flavours, to ensure the best possible flavour, smoke-like throat feeling, and taste.
Our custom blend of propylene glycol is much smoother, and less irritating than most commercial eliquids. Many people who find commercial eliquids too irritating to enjoy usually find our Premium eliquids very pleasant, and smooth in comparison.

Q. Are the Flavourings in Eliquid Safe to Inhale?

A. Although it is not entirely safe to inhale any substance other than air, many medical professionals and members of the scientific community agree that inhaling vapour produced by heating eliquid in an electronic cigarette presents a much lower health risk than inhaling tobacco smoke.
We take quality very seriously, and only select the best quality food grade flavouring ingredients, from trusted North American suppliers to ensure our eliquids have the best possible flavour.
All flavouring ingredients used in our Premium Eliquids are water soluble, and do not contain any oil based flavouring ingredients which can be harmful if inhaled.
We ensure NON of our eliquids contain the flavouring ingredient Diacetyl, which is used in many food products to create an artificial creamy, buttery flavour.
Diacetyl can be harmful if inhaled, due to this we take extra precautions to select only Diacetyl free flavouring ingredients.
We also ensure the flavouring ingredient Acetoin is not used in any of our eliquids.
Acetoin has been shown to react after being mixed with other chemicals, creating traces of Diacetyl.
Due to this finding, we do not use any flavouring ingredients containing Acetoin, to ensure a clean, high quality product.
Our Premium eliquids are all made using food grade flavouring ingredients. We select the best quality flavouring ingredients resulting in vibrant, rich flavours, smooth taste, and an overall excellent vaping experience.

Q. Are Flavour Crafters Eliquids Safely Packaged?

A. All of our Premium Eliquids are contained in childproof dropper bottles, each with a drip top for easy application to your cartridge, or cartomizer.
These easy drip bottle tips control the quantity of eliquid dispensed, helping to prevent overfilling cartridges or spilling of your eliquids.
Childproof lids are used to prevent children from opening the eliquid bottle.
To open the childproof cap, press down, and twist the cap counter clock wise.
We also have gone to great lengths to ensure that our bottles do not leach any chemicals into our eliquids, as some types of plastics are known to do.
All of our eliquids are bottled in LDPE plastic bottles which we feel is the safest choice to contain our product in. LDPE plastic does not leach any chemicals into the liquids in contains, ensuring that the eliquid you receive is the same high quality product expected.
We avoid glass bottles as some companies have chosen due to the greater potential safety risks presented by this type of container. Most companies offering glass eliquid containers do not offer childproof caps. Glass eliquid containers can also be easily broken potentially putting those who come into contact with it at risk if the liquid contained nicotine.
Our LDPE plastic eliquid bottles are very drop friendly, and will not break from impact.